Experience the welcoming spirit and mystery of Romania before everyone else finds out.



Forget any preconceptions about this truly offbeat and culturally rich country. A new generation of young creatives are shedding Romania’s past and single-handedly forging the urban renewal of its cities into major creative hubs. While the unspoiled rural countryside surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains is sprinkled with traditional villages preserved in time and tradition unlike anywhere else in Europe. Romania’s wildly rich, complicated and beautifully diverse history is only rivalled by the incredibly welcoming and hospitable nature of its people.



The Comuna experience will take you on a slow travel journey into Romania’s booming creative cities and contrasting countryside beaming with mysticism and tradition.

Your journey will take a deep dive into the thriving underground arts, design and music scenes of Romania’s creative hubs: Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. You’ll meet the local creatives transforming the urban tapestry of their cities, escape into the Carpathian Mountains to experience the slow agrarian lifestyle of Romanian peasants and artisans, and be moved by the untouched wilds of this diverse and storied land.


Our Romanian-Canadian founder has been travelling to Romania her entire life, and continues to spend time on the ground on a regular basis to build relationships with local entrepreneurs, guides, farmers, creatives, artisans, and hosts who have become part of the Comuna family.

They are the ones who co-create these journeys with us, and guide you inside THEIR Romania.