Our ethos stems from our name (Comuna) and building community across cultures and borders. 

We believe that consciously immersive and creative cultural travel has the ability to shift our perspectives and connect us on a deeper and more empathetic level to the world around us.

It drives us not only to explore our outer worlds, but also our inner worlds, and by extension to connect with ourselves and each other on a more human level. We’ve witnessed first-hand the connections that slow travel and cultural exchange create and how they profoundly inspire a desire within to create radical change, give back and leave a positive impact behind in our regular lives.

Because we’re all part of the same global community, we hold a collective responsibility as a global generation towards protecting each others cultures, lands, and traditions in a sustainable way. Every Comuna journey engages 100% on a grassroots level (every dollar spent and every exchange created) by collaborating with locals who are working towards preserving their cultures through varying creative, entrepreneurial and sustainable projects.

Our cultural experiences are about gathering, exchanging, questioning and connecting. We’re continuously moved by the magic that happens when people from different backgrounds and cultures come together over a common purpose.

Our mission is driven by the desire to foster deep cross-cultural connections from experiences shared through an open and honest exploration of culture. As a community, we become lifted and inspired by one another to do impactful things and follow our individual purpose in life, whatever that calling may be.

This is not just about group travel. Comuna is a cultural platform dedicated towards building a collaborative community of passionate people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Travel to us isn’t about escaping, but about embracing new experiences outside the realm of the ordinary, and discovering our inner and outer worlds with more understanding and empathy.

We travel to explore the unknown and tell a different story.



1. To foster meaningful and impactful cross-cultural exchange & understanding.

2. To promote the development and preservation of local creative culture, both contemporary and traditional.

3. To champion community-based ecological projects that protect the local environment.

4. To support the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of local communities through grassroots and responsible tourism.

5. To tell inspiring, diverse and representative stories through local creative collaborations.