We’re explorers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, creatives, seekers, misfits, activists, and human.



You’re looking for more meaningful experiences and exchanges out of your travels. You want to connect with people and other cultures on a more intimate and organic level than what the surface level of mass tourism allows. You’re open towards embracing a certain level of uncertainty and spontaneity, and relish in the excitement of the unknown. You’re already an intrepid traveller, or, maybe someone who has never left your home country. Whatever your travel background, you have an inner desire to broaden your horizons and experience more of the beautiful, complex and different parts of the world. You want to be guided underneath a country's many layers by those who know it best. You believe that the only way to travel is with a conscious and open mindset. That by being welcomed into another culture you also hold a responsibility towards the way you engage with it that is respectful, sustainable and leaves a positive impact. You see travel as an opportunity to grow, connect, become inspired, and make the world a better and more inclusive place.

You are a conscious traveller.



Were endlessly passionate about conscious travel and harnessing the power of deep cross-cultural connections to manifest good in the world. We’ll guide you underneath the many complex and captivating layers of the country you’ll be travelling to. You’ll experience sensory overload from the extreme beauty, the sometimes challenging realities, and the intoxicating rhythms. You’ll become inspired by the creativity of young entrepreneurs and artists while also learning from the wisdom of age-old communities and cultures. Mostly, you’ll connect on a deep level with yourself, fellow travellers, the locals, and culture. Your perspectives, by extension, will be deepened, energized and challenged, and you’ll return home having been transformed and enriched through the experiences had on your journey. 

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"Travelling through Cuba with Comuna was an unforgettable experience that had a profound impact on my life and person. I am so thankful to have seen Cuba through the eyes of Comuna, as the perspective, insight and knowledge that they offered was invaluable and essential to experiencing Cuba beyond the surface level. Comuna offers a way of traveling that I feel is imperative to building a more harmonious world and creating deeper cross-cultural relationships. Thank you, Ioana, for gifting me with one of the best adventures of my life. If you want to travel to Cuba, you must go with Comuna."




"I’ve always found that the best travel, the most memorable trips, are conceived of moments learning from locals. What Ioana has created with Comuna Travel mimics this sentiment 10 fold. Days are filled with authentic and engaging experiences with locals who are so eager to tell you about their craft and show you a Cuba that is close to their heart. Though I’ve always shied away from planned activities in the past, worried about being another tourist herded from one activity to the next with no time to savour the moment, Comuna opened my eyes to a whole new way of travelling. The connections Ioana has built allowed us to feel a part of the community and opened our eyes to an entirely different side of Cuba. I never had to look at a map, spend time searching for great restaurants or worry about logistics. Comuna had everything covered and took out all of the guesswork of travel, allowing for pure exploration and inspiration to evolve. I felt safe, I felt inspired, I felt ready to book again!"




"I loved every minute of my time in Havana and Viñales. The people were so open and welcoming. My eyes and ears overwhelmed with beauty. Comuna Travel did an amazing job organizing it all."