To travel is to connect.



Every one of our adventures are small in group size, but big in experience. The destinations that we travel to have been specifically selected for their deep-rooted and rich cultures, thriving entrepreneurial communities, inspiring creative scenes, and captivating locales that steer off the beaten path.

We intentionally explore destinations that are often mis-represented, either through the surface level experiences of mass-tourism or through the media. Our aim is to reveal a different and inspiring reality through our expertly curated and immersive cultural experiences.

Every Comuna itinerary is individually curated by our founder, Ioana Todosia, with the adventurous, creative and conscious traveller in mind. Our approach to travel is about going far beyond the usual circuits of mass-tourism to lift the veil on unique destinations that are often very difficult to uncover on one's own.


You’ll get access to the reality of what is happening locally and the opportunity to explore the unknown, while returning home inspired, connected and with a heightened perspective.




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