To travel is to connect and be moved.



The destinations that we travel to have been specifically selected for their deep-rooted and rich cultures, thriving entrepreneurial communities, inspiring creative scenes, and captivating locales that steer off the beaten path. Every one of our adventures are small in group size (no more than 8 travellers), but big in experience.

We intentionally explore places that are often mis-represented, either through the surface level of mass-tourism or through the media. Our aim is to reveal a different, more inclusive and inspiring reality.

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A New Generation Driven By Deep Creative Roots


Bridging The Indigenous With The Contemporary


Urban Creative Renewal In a Land of Mysticism



A Captivating Culture Between East And West


Each Comuna journey is co-created by our founder, Ioana Todosia, and our local collaborators with the adventurous, creative and conscious traveller in mind.

No two journeys are ever exactly the same, because we strive to provide unique access into the most current realities of what’s happening locally in each of our culturally rich destinations. By embracing the uncertainty and magic that happens when you explore the unknowns, Our travellers return home inspired, connected and with a heightened cultural perspective.