An Extended Long Weekend Journey to Mexico City

EARLY BIRD SIGN UP | $1500 CAD (Until Sept 10, 2018)

REGULAR SIGN UP | $1750 CAD (After Sept 10, 2018) 



NEXT DATES | OCT 25-30, 2018

The Itinerary




You will arrive to Benito Juárez International Airport and be transferred to our beautifully designed local accommodations for the extended long weekend journey into Mexico City. Our local accommodations will be in Condesa, the arts and design heartbeat of Mexico City - a safe and charming neighbourhood lined with tall trees, boutiques and independent restaurants. Your tour leader will introduce the group and share all of the fun details of this Mexico City journey over Mezcal cocktails and a Comuna family meal.



Explore the many tastes and characters of mezcals from the Guerrero region guided by the expertise of a passionate young mezcal connoisseur in a very intimate setting. We will learn to sip on mezcals the proper way, be treated to complimenting snacks, and hang out with the founder of an all woman-ran mezcal brand that works to unite mezcal-making and artisanal craftsmanship traditions in the State of Guerrero. Through the mezcal production project of this inspiring group, they strive to provide sustainable local development for both traditional industries. 



Food is at the heart of Mexico City's culture, with a culinary scene that has been experiencing an amazing renaissance and being recognized worldwide. Young chefs and entrepreneurs are mixing the old with the new to preserve Mexican food and ingredients for the future. From street-food stalls overwhelming with flavour to hidden hole in the wall joints and some of the world's most innovative chefs - the food in Mexico City will guide you to understand its history, people and society... and in Mexico, the food has many, many stories to tell. 



There is a reason that the world's art and design lovers are flocking to Mexico City. The vibrancy, history, struggles, and constant state of evolution that is indicative of Mexico City is a clear source of inspiration. The result is an outpouring of artistic and creative expression that can be felt throughout the entire city. We will be witness to this exciting creative boom that has been shaping Mexico City's contemporary culture throughout every moment of our time in La Ciudad.



Lucha Libre (professional wrestling) has become a staple of urban Mexican culture, and no visit to Mexico City is complete without a night out at the city's most famous and liveliest Lucha Libre venue. We have some surprises in store for this experience that will give you a better understanding of the cultural significance of Lucha Libre in Mexico, and help you decide which side to cheer on - the heroes or the villains? 



We promote the work of local businesses and organizations who focus on sustainable community development while incorporating the work that they are doing into our trips in an experiential format.

We will be spending a day with the chinamperos of Xochimilco through our local partner. They are a collaborative committed to the rescue of the Xochimilco chinampas, Mexico's traditional agriculture, and the Mexican countryside. We also have a big 5-course gastronomic surprise in store for this one!



We partner with amazing locals who are working hard to move Mexico City forward by following their passions, using their creative talents to combat societal hardships, and driving change in their respective communities. You will have the opportunity to intimately connect with creative young entrepreneurs and other inspiring locals we've partnered with to design this unique and inspiring experience in Mexico City. 

Meals Included: Daily Breakfasts, Welcome Dinner, Goodbye Dinner, Lunches x1, Snacks & Ice-breaker cocktails

On Day of the Dead...


We specifically designed this journey to Mexico City to give travellers an immersive introduction into Mexican culture leading up to Day of the Dead celebrations, which is one of Mexico's most important and widely celebrated holidays. The Comuna experience in Mexico City will end on October 30th, but we encourage you to extend your time in the city to experience the celebrations and be part of this vibrant and lively aspect of Mexican culture. It will be one of those once in a lifetime moments - trust. 

Day of the Dead celebrations start on October 31st and end on November 2nd. 

Wish to extend your stay? We can help!

Let us know when you book and we will help with securing additional days for your accommodations. Availability for accommodations fills up quickly for this popular event in Mexico City, so make sure to let us know as soon as you decide!

Our founder will also be including a special and personalized Comuna Day of the Dead Itinerary and City Guide that will allow you to experience the celebrations on your own and in the best way possible! Included will be tips from our local partners, and all of our insider knowledge to make the most of Dia de los Muertos.

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The Fine Print

Getting There: Book your roundtrip international flight to Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX). Once you land in Mexico City and make it through customs, we will arrange your airport pickup and take care of all ground transportation for the duration of your trip.  

What is Included: 

  • Accommodation the duration of the itinerary
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • In-country transportation for all activities in the itinerary
    (public transport, shared taxis, Uber)
  • Welcome Package
  • Meals as noted in itinerary
  • Alcohol as noted in itinerary
  • Curated activities as noted in itinerary
  • Reservations at top restaurants
  • Trip leader & 24/7 concierge service:
    Our founder will accompany the group during the entire trip, offering her in-depth knowledge of the city, while making sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, we are available to answer questions and assist with all pre-departure trip preparations beforehand.

What is Not Included:

  • Airfare in and out of the country:
    We have found that roundtrip flights from most major Canadian cities range from $300-$500 CAD depending on departure city. Departure from cities in the U.S tend to be less. We are happy to assist you with finding flight options, however we do not offer flight bookings. 
  • Mandatory travel insurance
  • Visa, if applicable to your passport
  • Incidental expenses 
  • Meals and alcohol, except where noted in itinerary
  • Tips for local hosts, restaurant workers, and drivers.

Details on Accommodations: We will be staying in beautifully designed and locally operated accommodations in the Condesa neighbourhood - Mexico City's arts and design borough. Details on the accommodations will be provided in the welcome package sent to you after booking. The accommodations have been vetted by Comuna and meet our high standards of customer service, security and hospitality.

Details on Accommodations Cont... All Comuna trips include double occupancy rooms. If you book with someone else, you will be paired up with that person, just let us know at booking time if you book separately and would like to be roomed together. Otherwise, you will be assigned a roommate of the same gender for the duration of your trip and we will put you and your roommate in contact before the trip! 

All of our small group trips are designed so that you feel comfortable engaging with other like-minded travellers. If you absolutely would like to have your own private room, this service will be subject to any additional fees and availability. Further details regarding accommodation will be shared with you in a full welcome package that will include your detailed itinerary, and everything else you need to know about your trip to Mexico City. This will be delivered to you electronically after booking and well before departure.

Travel Insurance: We require that all of our travellers provide proof of an all-inclusive travel insurance policy prior to departure. Please see our Booking Terms & Conditions and FAQs for more details.

What to expect in Mexico City: We do our very best to stick to the itinerary, however, traveling in Mexico requires a certain level of flexibility and openness to spontaneity. Changes to transportation and activities may occur. It is important to keep in mind that Mexico City is a megalopolis, consisting of 16 municipalities. There are some areas of the Greater Mexico City region that may not be safe, and because the safety of our travellers is of the utmost importance to us, we do not venture into parts of the city that we are not 100% sure to be safe. We expect our travellers to stick to the planned itinerary and vetted parts of the city that we have outlined in it as being part of our experience in Mexico City. Our philosophy on travel is to embrace the moment and shine a different and more wholesome light on the destinations we travel to. Mexico City is a dynamic, beautiful and welcoming city and we are so excited to show you its reality!

Pricing: The price for our 6 day, 5 night journey into Mexico City is $1500 CAD + GST during early sign up, and increases to $1750 CAD + GST after the early sign up period ends (45 days prior to departure on Sept 10, 2018).

A 40% initial non-refundable deposit per person is required to reserve your spot and is included in this total price. Final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to departure. All payments must be made by credit card via our secure online payment processor, Stripe. 

Booking Terms & Conditions: Please read our FAQs page and Booking Terms and Conditions for more info and all the nitty gritty legal details regarding Comuna trips.