Discover the real Cuba. 


Today's Cuba is on the precipice of big and exciting change. It's a place where creative expression pours from behind every peeling facade and where a young entrepreneurial generation driven by hustle and grit are forging a modern awakening. Cuba's culture is as deep and layered as its history, which is why you should go to Cuba not to see it before it changes, but to experience and be a part of the change as it happens.

This is not your average pre-packaged resort holiday to Cuba. The Comuna experience shows you the electric pulse of Cuban culture and the young tastemakers pushing the country towards a new openness. We will take you into Havana's thriving and innovative music scene, visit creatives in their most intimate spaces expressing their passions, spend late nights dancing to the beat of Cuba's best musicians and DJs, indulge in heightened culinary experiences, and explore the quiet and authentic Cuban countryside that exemplifies the reality of most Cubans. We'll even sneak in some beachside relaxation, because Cuba is the pearl of the Caribbean after all.

Our Founder personally spends time on the ground on a regular basis to build relationships with local entrepreneurs, guides, artists, and hosts who have become part of the Comuna family. They are the ones who show us THEIR Cuba; the best kept secrets, exclusive events, hidden bars, private studios, local beaches, and true culture.

All you have to do is show up with an open mind, good vibes and thirst for adventure.