Fostering cross-cultural connections through immersive and inspiring travel experiences. 



We travel to connect with the world, to be guided out of our comfort zones, to embrace the unknown, to explore lesser known paths, to become enlightened by life-changing moments and to tell a different story.

Our ethos on travel stems from our name, COMUNA, and building community across cultures and borders. We truly believe that immersive and sustainable travel has the ability to make the world a better and more inclusive place for all. 

You won't find us on an all-inclusive resort, and we will never step foot on a tour bus. Our approach to travel is bold, purposeful, creative and local. 

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Our trips dive deep into the local customs and traditions, creative scenes and contemporary vibe of a country. We personally invest the time to discover the underground culture and take a highly curated approach towards creating the same cultural experiences for you that we seek out of travel for ourselves. We partner with people locally who live and breathe the latest pulse of the destinations we travel to so you can experience it's true culture. 

You will live among the locals, be inspired by creatives following their passions and pushing the boundaries of their craft, support young entrepreneurs changing the face of their countries for the better, and engage with artists and cultivators who are striving to preserve the age-old traditions of their culture for the future.

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We are all part of the same global community and hold a responsibility as travellers towards the people and places we visit. Comuna engages 100% on a grassroots level by curating heightened cultural experiences that work with local communities and support their economies.

Travel allows for an important and impactful exchange of ideas, culture, capital, and services. Supporting the local economic and social development of the communities that we travel to is paramount to our ethos on travel. It allows for communities to continue growing in a sustainable way that also protects their unique culture for future generations. 




Ioana was born in Romania and grew up among the vast Canadian wilderness of Northern British Columbia. As a Romanian-Canadian immigrant she has experienced first hand the importance of cultural integration and our responsibility as a global generation to learn from and respect the authenticity of other cultures. She studied international relations, migration and sustainable economic development in university, while continuing to broaden her global perspective of the world. After graduation she found her way into the creative industry, starting a creative consulting business and working with companies and non-profits of all sizes to craft and tell their stories within digital spaces. Comuna Travel was founded out of a desire to cultivate deeper human connections and empathy across cultures through immersive, creative and conscious travel.